Westerville Rotary Golf League at Arrowhead Lakes
Arrowhead Golf Course
Sunbury, Ohio
Every Monday in season

Request For Sub

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Fill in the "REQUEST FOR SUB FORM" and click submit.

The first sub that responds to the Request and "Replies To All" will be the sub for that event and the webmaster will notify the sub who he will be playing. Please be at the course and ready to play between 3:45 and 4:15.

The player that is requesting the sub will know by the "Reply To All" who is subbing and as a courtesy should inform his or her opponent who the sub will be.

This should not be used for a last minute request. Please send requests at least one day in advance or find your own sub.

Please call your opponent if unable to find a sub so they don't have to wait around. They will play the Flight's Ghost.

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